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Re: Volgroup00 not found

Quoting "Stephen Berg (Contractor)" <stephen berg ctr nrlssc navy mil>:

Braden McDaniel wrote:
Quoting "Joseph L. Casale" <JCasale activenetwerx com>:

After installing F10 and rebooting, I get "Volgroup00 not found".

I installed F10 over an existing Fedora installation. (I did not
perform an upgrade.) I can boot to rescue mode and things seem to be
mounted okay under /mnt/sysimage. What can I do to fix this?

Bad initrd maybe? What storage controller are you using? You might boot
to the rescue disc and regenerate it adding a --with={module_name}...

It's a 3ware 9550SXU-4LP.

What module name do I need?

Probably 3w_9xxx, that's the module I see running on a system with a
3Ware 9500S 8 port SATA RAID adapter.

Yes, that's the module name. But using mkinitrd as described doesn't help.

I've tried doing a yum update to latest from rescue mode and then running mkinitrd again; that didn't seem to help, either.

This was working with Fedora 9. I did a yum upgrade to Fedora 10 and it was still working at that point. But a few things were a bit wonky; so I figured I'd do a fresh install from DVD. Bad idea, I guess. :-/

Any other suggestions for how to fix this?

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<http://endoframe.com>                    Jabber: <braden jabber org>

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