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Re: Volgroup00 not found

Braden McDaniel wrote:

>> I'm probably out of my depth,
>> but what happens if you boot with Knoppix or some other Linux CD,
>> and say "sudo vgchange -a y" ?
> I don't have a live CD handy; but doing that from rescue mode didn't
> seem to have any effect. Of course, by the time I'm in rescue mode,
> the filesystems have been located and mounted under /mnt/sysimage. If
> any of the logical volumes weren't marked as available, they wouldn't
> be locatable during rescue, would they?

As I said, I'm not sure if I am talking sense,
but my impression is that "vchange -a y" will tell you
what LVM volumes can be found,
and make "available" any that are not already available.

I found during a long saga preupgrading from F-9 to F-10 on a SCSI machine
that for some reason my LVM partitions were not found at one point,
and vgchange brought them to light.

Actually, I have had a few problems with LVM during system upgrades,
and have reluctantly decided to withdraw from the LVM world.
The advantages are greatly outweighed by the disadvantages, in my case.

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