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Question about enabling a few services.

The following are disabled on my system and my stoopid question of the day is whether they should be enabled or not. (Obviously I'm not sure what to tell you to make much of a comment, but I'm hoping that maybe some of them are just plain innocuous and should be enabled for everyone.)

* dnsmasq (Will this speed me up?)

* multipathd (No idea)

* netconsole (I'm guessing no because there is not remote syslogd accessing my box)

* Should I be enabling both network and NetworkManager or should I only have one or the other. Currenty they're both on. Two NICS, one dhcp to my cable modem and the other with a hard address to another 'puter.

* pcscd (I don't have a PC/SC lite and Musclecard frameworks that I know of)

* psacct (Is this good to have?)

* smolt (Same thing. Is this A Good Thing?)

* squid (Would this somehow speed up my browser?)

I come from the old school that says to disable everything you don't need, but I'm not sure what these things do.


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