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RE: compiled new kernel to see if machine won't freeze

On Sat, 2008-12-13 at 21:14 -0800, Antonio Olivares wrote:

> As I was going to click send on this message, machine froze again :(
> Good thing yahoo saved it as a draft and now I can send.
> Question now becomes how can I fix the initrd so that the new kernel can at least boot, and then determine if it or if it will not freeze the machine.  I appreciate your input.  
I'm not sure what all you're saying above that I clipped but creating an
initrd is a relatively straight forward process.

It is sort of important to have all the modules loaded when you create
it but the idea is...

mkinitrd initrd-kernel-version.img kernel-version

and I have no idea what you named your built kernel as but if I were
doing this for then the command would be...

cd /boot
mkinitrd initrd-

I would have expected that whatever you are following to build your own
kernel should have that step covered (or perhaps a build/install that
would do this for you) but I have no idea what steps you are taking or


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