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Re: FreeNX - client connects then (nothing)

On Sat, 2008-12-13 at 23:46 -0600, Bob Hartung wrote:
> Hi all,
>    New F10 installed and running with all updates.
>    FreeNX and NX installed from yum repository
>    client:  Mac OS X with latest NoMachine client Version 3.3.0-3.
>    client key installed.
>    In manual mode from terminal, i can ssh into F10 server.
>    When I start the client it appears to log in and authenticate, then 
> just disappears.  X11 however is started.  The Gnome desktop does not 
> appear.
>    Open to suggestions.  i have tried to track down and read the docs 
> but don't find this particular situation.
both sides do log - I'm hesitant to suggest where because I don't know
where Macintosh client logs and I typically use CentOS for server.

did you copy /etc/nxserver/client_id_dsa.key to the Macintosh client and
'import' it?

have you logged in at the console to gnome with the user account yet?


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