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Re: F10+dmraid eats puppies! (and ate my system too)

On December 13, 2008, Robert L Cochran wrote:
> Could you have used one or more of: dd, ddrescue, and Testdisk to copy
> your system to a set of spare drives and then work only on the spares
> until you had a clear idea of what was wrong? I think that would have
> gone a long way to sparing you from some data loss.

Agreed, there are a multitude of different ways that I could have approached 
this that might have prevented loss of data.  Fortunately, once I figured out 
what had happened I was able to mount both sda and sdb individually and get 
the files off that I needed.  As for copying my system to a set of spare 
drives, its not like I (or likely too many other people here) just have a set 
of spare drives kicking around with a few hundred GB of empty space on them, 
"just in case" of emergency.  Sounds great, but in practice 

What I want to emphasize from my initial post, though, was that its entirely 
possible for someone to get into this funky state and to have data loss and/or 
mirror failure without actually doing anything unusual.

The F10 installed told me that it was installing onto the nvidia dmraid setup 
that I had, and thus I expected that as a result that when it was done that 
I'd actually be running on that dmraid setup (or that it'd at least throw some 
sort of message to indicate that it *wasn't*).  Instead, though, I ended up 
running on bare sda.

IMO, anyone who had a dmraid setup and that has since upgraded to F10 could 
now very likely be just as hosed as I was.  Even if they don't get the 
behaviour of swapping from sda to sdb, they're still running *without* the 
dmraid that they were led to believe that they installed in/on.

Graham TerMarsch

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