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Re: F9 - AMD Geode video

Robert Moskowitz wrote:
Robert Moskowitz wrote:
I just installed F9 on a decTOP (http://www.dataevolution.com/dectop%20info%202.htm), and F9 is not recognizing the video card.

The decTOP uses a AMD Geode GX500 cpu. I once had the specs on the video for this unit, but can't find it right now.

Any pointers on getting FC9 to recognize the video card? 'system-config-display --reconfig' replies with not video card, even though I am in text mode...

I found: ftp://rpmfind.net/linux/fedora/updates/9/i386.newkey/xorg-x11-drv-geode-2.10.1-1.fc9.i386.rpm

Downloaded it to the decTOP and did a yum localinstall. Found out that 2.8 was already on the system, but hey, newer should be better.

Ran 'system-config-display --reconfig' and got:

No video cards were found on this system, exiting

Now what?

Oh, I have another decTOP with Centos 5 on it. I never got gnome working on it, but from what little I did here on fc9, I went back to looking at matters on the Centos 5 unit, and selected nsc as the hardware (National Semi Conductor Geode support, it was set at vesa before), and startx brought gnome right up.

I should point out that on the Centos 5 system, in /etc/X11 there is an xorg.conf. In the FC9 system there is NO xorg.conf!

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