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Re: VM question

Kevin Kempter wrote:
Hi All;

I've recently bought a Dell M6400 laptop with 12G of memory and 2 internal hard drives with a raid card.

I've loaded Fedora 10 x86_64 to take advantage of the memory so I can setup multiple local databases with large memory footprints.

However, I'm somewhat disappointed with the x86_64 version since I cannot get the flash plugin and I get the impression that the 32bit version is more desktop friendly.

I'm thinking about looking into loading Vmware's ESX server on the laptop and loading Fedora 10 386 for my main desktop and a copy of Fedora 10 x86_64 or maybe even CentOS as a VM server to run my databases.
I'm looking for any thoughts/feedback you'all may have..

Thanks in advance

There is a 64bit version of flash available, and it works fine.

I have mentioned that here a few times now ...

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