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Re: Virtualizing XP with dual boot FC10/XP

I just installed Windows XP Professional under KVM. I put the
installation CD in the CD drive. This is very much like installing
Windows XP on any other machine. Pop the CD in and go! Once I set up the
virtual machine for Windows XP, the installer on the CD started right up
and installed it.

I now have a virtual machine that runs Windows XP, however I am in
trouble with the Windows activation process because I can't (yet)
provide a valid product key code to the Microsoft activation server. The
installation CD is from Dell, I just bought a new laptop with a Dell
"Windows XP downgrade" and I need to ask Dell's support people how I'm
supposed to provide a valid product key for this. It may be that I have
to install Windows Vista first (because I have a Vista CD and product
key too) and then downgrade to XP, I don't know quite yet.

So what I'm saying is, you need the installation CD for Windows XP or
you need a network installation point for Windows XP which is set up the
way Microsoft says it should be. I don't think you can just point to an
Windows XP partition and install from that. Of course, I've never tried
it; I've always been mesmerized by the need for a product key and that
usually means an associated installation CD because some utilities found
on the CD are not installed by default.

The final point is -- since you are setting up a second machine with
Windows XP -- you need a product key for it meaning a proper license for
it. That is how Microsoft works, and they go to great lengths to enforce
the you-must-pay-for-Windows-it-is-not-free mindset.

Now hopefully, I can figure out how to activate my Windows XP.


Hal Meyer wrote:
> I have FC10 and Windows dual booted on my PC and would like to
> virtualize XP with KVM. 
> I want to be able to both boot to XP and also virtualize it in FC10
> (obviously not at the same time).
> When I try to install a new virtual machine the process wants to install
> XP from the CD. Is there a way to just point to the XP partition on the
> disk?
> Vmware workstation claims to be able to do this but there seem to be
> other issues with vmware and FC10.
> Thanks,
> Hal

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