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Re: Weather icons missing in GNOME clock applet [SOLVED-ish]

On Sun, Dec 14, 2008 at 10:25:38AM -0800, Dan Thurman wrote:
> Frank Cox wrote:
> >On Sun, 14 Dec 2008 12:16:18 -0500
> >fred smith wrote:
> >
> >  
> >>>Did you enable weather icons in preferences?
> >>>      
> >
> >Do you have enough space on your panel to show the weather?  It takes up
> >another inch or so of space.
> >  
> I have found, that removing the applet and re-adding the
> applet to the panel, re-setting the locale, clicking on the
> Weather tab: "F", changing it to something other, then
> back to "F", seems to restore it.
> Seems for some reason, Gnome-2 configuration files gets
> messed up, which may mean that you may need to reset
> the offending applet or application via the method mentioned
> above.  Occassionally, I find that the "User Switcher", and the
> "Clock" messes up as well and also needs to be reset.  Don't
> forget to Session-Save as well after making the changes.

None of that makes any difference.

I've assumed we're talking about the gnome clock applet, which offers
weather information. But perhaps we're talking about the weather applet,
which is a different critter?

I've removed, re-added, reset everything in the clock applet and it simply
doesn't show any weather info. But the weather applet "works" in that it
shows a temperature--so far it isn't showing anything else...

And how does one "Session-Save", as you mention above? I don't see
anything on any gnome menu with a similar name...

Thanks for your advice!
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