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Re: kpackagekit settings do not stick

Endy wrote:
> I'm having a problem with the kpackagekit settings.

First of all, kpackagekit != kpackage (as you wrote in the subject). Please
be precise, as they are completely different software.

> I have set it to check for updates daily, not hourly, and not to ever
> automatically install updates.  Yet, it seems like after every time I use
> kpackagekit to run updates or install new packages, those settings get
> reset to the defaults: checking every hour, and automatically apply
> security updates. 
> Anyone else seeing the same behavior or have any suggestions?

Yes, somehow KPackageKit loves to forget its settings, I don't understand
why, really. See:

We patched it now to make it the internal default not to automatically
install anything (this was already the kde-settings default, but
KPackageKit forgot that too!), but that's really just taping over the

        Kevin Kofler

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