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Re: Laptop Keyboard asdf, jkl;, enter disabled on boot up

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Jim Duda wrote:

> If I simply wait a few minutes, or reboot, the keyboard works
> fine.

'a few minutes'. that could be anywhere from 2 to 10. use a watch, not your
brain. a watch is a more reliable source of time measurement.

in 'short time' of wait / reboot, you could have enough heat build up for

you can verify this with a digital ir thermometer. read temp at fan exhaust at
start and then when keys start working. remembering that what you are reading
will be cooler that what actual components are.

and, it could even be at level of an active component, which would heat up more
than what ambient air is.

if you want to check theory, you could try placing in refrigerator after keys
are working. wait about 30 mins, and leaving in refrigerator, try typing to see
if keys work.

next, is keeping unit warm. place in a cardboard box with a 75 watt or higher
lamp. after 30 mins, turn on and see if keys work. do keep laptop clear of
lamp so as not to cause any physical damage from heat of lamp.

keep in mind, both of these test could fail, but they did work years ago when
i did radio and tv services.

also, can you plug in an external keyboard?

> Once the keys start working, they never fail.  I would
> like to assume that if there was a flaky connection or HW issue,
> it would happen at other times too and not just on the first boot.

never 'assume' when it applies to electronics. [or your self.]

you have to give consideration to basic physics that heat causes expansion
and cold causes contraction. when state of ambient changes from one to other,
physical size changes from one to other.

peace out.



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