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Re: Virtualizing XP with dual boot FC10/XP

Robert L Cochran wrote:
> Wayne Feick wrote:
>> Your license key may or may not work in a VM. Last time I tried to
>> install Dell's OEM version of XP inside VMWare (admittedly a few years
>> ago), it refused to activate and gave a message that it was only
>> licensed to run on Dell hardware.
>> Wayne.
> I'm just getting messages that the key is incorrect. I'll recheck it
> again after a belated lunch, maybe my eyes are just old and unfocused?
> Thanks for the heads up though. You might be right, I will follow up on
> this.
> On the good side, my Fedora 10 VM is running with bridged networking. I
> hope it can see things like USB and serial ports.
> Bob
There is a good chance that the key only works with specific machine
model. I remember something on the VirtualBox mailing list about
having to change some values in the virtual BIOS before you could
install or convert a real image to a virtual one.

I have even run into problems like this with OEM Windows 98SE disks
that would only install on Compaq machines.


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