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Re: cannot read music CD with Fedora 10

Kevin Kempter wrote:
> Hi All;
> I'm running Fedora 10 (64bit) on a Dell laptop.  I cannot read music CD's the 
> system doesn't even recognize that I've inserted a CD, here's my dmesg output 
> (below). 
> Thanks in advance.
Are you trying to read a music CD like a data CD? If so, it is not
going to work. If you want save the music tracks to the hard drive,
you need a ripping program. (Grip is one.)

If you are trying to play music CDs, then it depends on how you want
to do it. Linux supports playing both analog and digital streams.
Analog only supported if you have the audio cable between CD drive
and the sound card. Depending on the program you are using you may
need to download the digital CD plugin and/or select it to use the
digital stream.


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