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Re: F10, VMware Server 2.0, and selinux

On Sunday 14 December 2008 18:21:44 Christopher A. Williams wrote:
> As to how long this has gone on, it has since F8 and VMware Server
> 1.0.x. The only known work-around I am aware of is to disable selinux,
> after which it runs impressively well. It compiles and runs on F9 and
> F10 out of the box with no patches needed.

Sorry, Christopher, but I am not posting these replies because I'm a VMWare 
booster. As I stated, my solution may not work for all, but, you are simply 
misstating things, or not speaking clearly. 

To repeat, I am currently running VMWare Server version 1.0.7 build-108231; 
I've been running some version of VMWare server since it was first made 
available free, on several versions of Fedora including this machine, which is 
on F10; I have another machine right beside it that is running F9 and also 
runs VMWareServer; I do NOT disable selinux on any of my machines, ever, 
except for brief testing purposes; VMWare server has been running all day on 
this machine I'm typing on, and I have a WinXP vm running in it through which 
I run Outlook so I can connect to my company's Exchange 2008 mail server. 

I am merely posting this because I consider most of the information in this 
thread to be misleading, which could discourage others. It would be useful if 
you really care, to attempt to run VMWare server on your machine, post the 
errors you get, and get some help - to assert that it won't run because you 
can't get it to run, without explaining your procedures is not helpful.
Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD

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