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FOSDEM 2009 in Brussels (Feb 7-8)

Hey Fedora folks in Europe!

We're organizing FOSDEM 2009 over on the Fedora Wiki, and we need you to do a few things:

(1) Sign up if you will attend.
(2) Take a look at the list of things we need, and put your name next to anything you can bring. (3) Sign up to give a talk in the Fedora dev room, if you are interested. (4) Make a note on the FOSDEM accomodation page telling folks where you are staying.

If you volunteer to take care of getting some swag made, the Fedora Project will reimburse you. Similarly, if you are a community member, and you either man the booth or speak in the dev room, and you need some travel sponsorship, please email me privately.



Hope to see you there,

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