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Re: lyx

Richard Heck wrote:
Patrick Dupre wrote:
On Sun, 14 Dec 2008, Rex Dieter wrote:

Patrick Dupre wrote:

Whith FC10, came lyx 1.6 which requires tremendous more CPU than the
version 1.5 (of FC7). Is it normal ?

No, not normal, in general. But without knowing more details, it's hard to say more. Mind filing a bug @ bugzilla.redhat.com.?
I do not which details you requires.
Even moving the mouse inside a lyx document consumes a lot of CPU, with
top, it appears as X.
Could it be due to the X server ?
How can I check if the right sever is installed ?
As a fact, since I update from FC7, to FC10, I observed that all the X
session are slower !

We (at LyX) have seen some other reports of problems like this. Often, they have amounted to issues involving the X server configuration. So you might check the lyx-user and lyx-devel archives.

In this case, the reporter was using radeon driver, so I asked him to file a bug @ bugzilla.redhat.com (against lyx initially), to document it, if nothing else (haven't received anything in bugzilla to date tho).

-- Rex

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