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Re: Laptop Keyboard asdf, jkl;, enter disabled on boot up

On Mon, 2008-12-15 at 00:56 +0000, g wrote:
> > keep in mind, both of these test could fail, but they did work years
> > ago when i did radio and tv services.

>You must have had a big fridge...   ;-)

>I've got a thermal repair to take care of sometime soon, if I can take
>the equipment out of service long enough to work on, and I'm not >looking forward to it. It's big, heavy, awkward, and the boards >concerned are in difficult spots. And definitely too big to put in the >fridge!

You can 'cold-spot' a motherboard etc. with compressed air, etc. A compressed air 'cleaner bomb' will do. You might get enough effect just by using a hose connected to the back end of a vacumn cleaner, blowing on the suspect area.

Of course, any expanding gas will draw heat from the surroundings. So you could use a CO2 fire extinguisher or even a butane refill for a lighter if you want to live *really* dangerously*. (Of course, the Goreacle would have you believe that you are doing more damage to the planet using the fire extinguisher than by releasing a more complex heavier more carbon carrying gas...but that's a different rant!

I presume that you have disconnected, cleaned and re-connected the keyboard cable connector on this laptop?


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