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Re: F10, VMware Server 2.0, and selinux

On Sun, 2008-12-14 at 13:26 -0500, Claude Jones wrote:
> On Sunday 14 December 2008 12:08:44 Gilboa Davara wrote:
> > To be honest, AFAIR VMWare Server 1.0.x, beyond being EOL, doesn't
> > support kernels >= 2.6.26 - even with the latest any-to-any patch.
> > Though, AFAIK, it didn't have SELinux problem under both F8 and F9.
> > On the other side VMWare Server 2.x hass replaced the GTK console
> > application with a super-complex web-client which, coupled with VMWare's
> > known tendency to release half-broken RPMs, makes it an SELinux accident
> > waiting to happen...
> Let me be precise. I have VMWare server running right now on this laptop on 
> which I'm typing this message. In 'About' it says it is version 1.0.7 
> build-108231; my running kernel is -
> # uname -r
> the patch I'm using to make it work is called vmware-update-2.6.27-5.5.7-2 
> which I found using Google - it has survived several kernel upgrades and 
> supercedes the any-any patches

A. I was unaware of the vmware-update-2.6.27-5.5.7-2 patch. Last time I
checked (~1.5 months ago) only the any-to-any patch was available and it
didn't support kernels >= 2.6.26.
B. Much like the any-to-any patch, (and at least according to google)
this patch is unofficial.
C. As I previously said, -officially-, VMWare doesn't support Fedora.
D. As you recall, the OP asked if can send a BZ about his SELinux
problems in bugzilla.redhat.com - my original answer was rather simple:
VMware is proprietary and closed source, and doesn't officially support

[1] VMWare server, user's guide, page 26.

> I haven't bothered to install VMWare Server 2.X because at the moment, I have 
> no need for it, and as you point out, it's a bit more complicated. I haven't 
> tried any of the linux-land alternatives yet for the same reason. My approach 
> may work for some, if not for all, but, to simply make the blanket statement 
> that VMWare server is broken for F10 or for Kernels > 2.6.26 is wrong.

Let me rephrase, the official VMWare 1.0.x release doesn't support F10.

- Gilboa

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