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Re: Wireless Printers

Wade Hampton wrote:
I have a HP 6150 all-in-1 with wireless, USB, and wired
capabilities.  It works well for almost all I need to do.
Wireless photo printing is slow, however.  I have not
tried using the FAX capabilities via wireless.

- easy to setup
- works well with Linux, WinXP, WinVista, etc.
- can place the printer anywhere (centralized, in my kitchen)
- most printing functions work well (draft, normal, photo)

- possible security issues (it's wireless....)

HP supports WPA preshared keys with AES-CCMP. So just choose a dictionary resistant preshared key. Even with TKIP you are fairly safe for now. The attack against TKIP is very limited. Heck, when we designed TKIP we put a 5 year life on it and it has already been 8 years, so those of us with our names on 802.11i (yes, I was there), feel 'secure' with the history of TKIP. AES is in the HP wireless that I have seen.

- slower than wired, especially for photos
- have to use USB to access the scanner (not yet tested with F10)
  [Note that I can scan via wireless from Windows.]
- cups won't print photos using the photo tray (4x6 photos)
  [Not yet tested with F10.]

Wade Hampton

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