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Re: Laptop Keyboard asdf, jkl;, enter disabled on boot up

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Tim wrote:

> You must have had a big fridge...  ;-)

not really.

when we had to run a 'cold test', we used a 9" crt used for testing and set
chassis on edge.

as gene states, f-22 used to be good, but epa put an end to that. there are
new 'freeze' sprays available now that are epa approved and good for 'spot'

another good trick, back in 50's, [an old house, before new building] was
that we had window ac units that we set set chassis inside a large cardboard
box and pointed louvers into it.

later, in new building, we had a louver added to front of expansion chamber
and built a shelf to hold chassis in cardboard box.

fortunately, we did not have to use this often, but when needed, it worked.

> I've got a thermal repair to take care of sometime soon, if I can take
> the equipment out of service long enough to work on, and I'm not looking
> forward to it.  It's big, heavy, awkward, and the boards concerned are
> in difficult spots.  And definitely too big to put in the fridge!

not knowing configuration, you could use cardboard shroud cut and taped
to shape to cover area of concern. using any of new freeze sprays of r-32
[or what ever it is now] could be injected to make test.

also, there are portable cooling units that have flex duct that could be used.

even using some flex duct and taping it up to a room vent could direct cool
air as you need it.


peace out.



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