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Re: Firefox: US English language pack not installed by default?

Richard Shaw wrote:
> Maybe it's just me but I have 3 installations of Firefox on F10 (was
> F9) and I noticed that the spell checker kept wanting me to add e's to
> the end of words so I go and check on the language packs and low and
> behold there are a TON of languages installed but not US English.
> Apparently it was using the British English dictionary to check my
> spelling.
> I've searched through bugzilla and didn't find a bug which surprised
> me. Did it do something wrong in my installs? I was able to go to
> Mozilla.org and install the correct language pack but it seems an
> oversight not to have installed it by default.
> Thanks,
> Richard
US English is built into Firefox - it is there even if you do not
have any language packs installed. On the other hand, you may have
to download the United States English dictionary addon to get proper
spell checking. I don't think any dictionary is installed by default.


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