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Re: dmraid & mkinitrd under F10 x86_64 (No Puppies Harmed)

On Mon, 15 Dec 2008 16:05:17 -0500
"Raymond C. Rodgers" <sinful622 gmail com> wrote:

> No other suggestions?

Although I have used software raid for several years now, I am not an
expert in the subject. In particular, I have never needed to use
mkinitrd, because I do not boot from the raid device. Nor have I used
the dmraid program because, on the few occasions where I have had to
invervene with the process, I have used mdadm. However, since none of
the other responses have been useful, perhaps something in my own
experience might help.

I do not have any of the raid partitions in my fstab,
nor do I have /dev/mapper. What I do have is /dev/md0. The individual
partitions have the raid flag turned on in the partition table, and the
kernel creates the md0 device, which is then mounted as specified in


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