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Re: Fedora 10 Live USB

Peter Kim wrote:
I created Fedora 10 Live USB today and played with it for a while.
I just found out that none of the configurations and privately installed software were not saved at all when I booted with USB again at home. I thought that I could save my personal settings and software to USB. Am I wrong? Or is there any special procedure that I have to perform before I shut down?


There is a special procedure for creating the Live USB.

You need to add persistent storage for root, to make updates, and you need to add persistent storage for home in order to keep user added stuff, like changed Gnome settings.

Here is an example -- the amount of persistent storage is limited to 2GB per file, on FAT based file systems. It does not have a realistic limit for ext3 based file systems.

/usr/bin/livecd-iso-to-disk [--reset-mbr] [--noverify] [--overlay-size-mb <size>] [--home-size-mb <size>] [--unencrypted-home] <isopath> <usbstick device>

Use: --overlay-size-mb 1000
to add a 1GB file that the OS can use to keep 'changes'

Use: --home-size-mb  2000
to add a 2GB file which gets mounted as /home, meaning if you have a package that adds a user and user files, it gets overlayed. :) You probably want to also add --unencrypted-home unless you are worried that your wife/boss/police might learn nasty things about you (like credit card data or web logins or confidential company documents).

I would suggest reloading the thumb drive with some persistent storage added.

God Luck!

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