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OT: "Linux holds back the kids"

Dear all,

This is somewhat OT, but in light of this, I have to disagree with that teacher who made the claim.


I am a math teacher at a high school in Texas and I have 10 machines running Linux, 8 running Fedora 10, one running Fedora 8, and the other running OpenSuse 11.0(just updated).  My students at first did not seem to like the Linux machines, but now they are at home with them and some of them asked me for copies and I gladly gave them a Fedora 10 install DVD.  I have been running Linux at school since 2002/2003 and my students asked me what version of "Windows" were my machines?.  I told them it was Linux, one was Mandrake 9, another was Red Hat 9.  Machines worked beautifully and did the job I wanted.  I told them about Linux, some students actually graduated and use Linux, only that they prefer Ubuntu and they come and tell me about it.  They tell me it(Ubuntu) picks up the wireless and your Fedora does not.  I tell them as long as it works and it is Linux that I am very happy that they are running it.  Sorry to take up your time.  I hope you enjoy
 reading the article if you get to it.  




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