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Re: dmraid & mkinitrd under F10 x86_64 (No Puppies Harmed)

Robert L Cochran wrote:
Charles Crayne wrote:
On Mon, 15 Dec 2008 16:05:17 -0500
"Raymond C. Rodgers" <sinful622 gmail com> wrote:

No other suggestions?
Although I have used software raid for several years now, I am not an
expert in the subject. In particular, I have never needed to use
mkinitrd, because I do not boot from the raid device. Nor have I used
the dmraid program because, on the few occasions where I have had to
invervene with the process, I have used mdadm. However, since none of
the other responses have been useful, perhaps something in my own
experience might help.

I do not have any of the raid partitions in my fstab,
nor do I have /dev/mapper. What I do have is /dev/md0. The individual
partitions have the raid flag turned on in the partition table, and the
kernel creates the md0 device, which is then mounted as specified in
The OP wants to automatically partitions. I thought you do that either
through autofs or fstab.


From what I've seen, this can be done through initrd/mkinitrd some how, but I apparently don't know the magic well enough to make it happen. As I already stated, it was working under F8 and F9, with no entries for the /dev/mapper/ device in /etc/fstab , and currently with the appropriate device in fstab, the dmraid functionality is not getting enabled resulting in the individual partition members of the raid getting mounted automatically and magically by F10.


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