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gnome sound recorder

I'm sure I'm not the first person to raise this sort of issue, but audio
settings can be most confusing...

Having installed Fedora 10 from scratch, I got Sound recorder working
after some trial and error. It's been fine for a couple of weeks - I've
been using it regularly. However, I also use Audacity in order to edit
out clicks in the sound files and somehow Sound recorder has got messed
up. It now records a sound which stutters on playback, with little bits
of sound interspersed with silence. Audacity says the saved .oga file is
not recognised. The breakdown occurred during a session when I had Sound
recorder on (but not recording) and started Audacity at the same time. A
mistake, evidently.

Does anyone recognise these problems? What can I do to fix them? Not to
put too fine a point on it, the various help files are useless... The
one for "Sound Preferences" describes an interface which is completely
different from what you actually see.

Help, please!


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