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Re: What are these F-10 boot slides?

On Tue, Dec 16, 2008 at 04:38:41PM +0000, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> John Brier wrote:
> >> In the same section, I found the sentence
> >> "Currently, only Radeon R500 and higher users
> >> get kernel modesetting by default"
> >> particularly puzzling.
> >> 
> >> Does this really mean that "plymouth" only works properly
> >> with this particular kind of ATI card?
> >> 
> >> Strange ...
> > I think you are correct. Since plymouth needs kernel mode setting to
> > work properly(without vesafb) it only works out of the box with those
> > devices. However plymouth can work with most graphics if you select
> > vesafb by using the vga= boot parameter. That's how I read that anyway.
> Surely it is very odd to distribute a program which only works properly
> on such a restricted range of hardware?
> I feel I must be misunderstanding something.

The boot screen is somewhat secondary to the main target of decreasing
boot time.  Whether any particular machine gets the spiffy graphic, it
should still boot significantly faster using the new system.  Although
kernel mode setting hasn't been implemented for all cards, it was
originally supposed to also work for Intel too -- until Intel made an
eleventh-hour change.  We hope to have those and many more cards
working with the spiffy boot graphics for Fedora 11, but regardless,
boot speed is a very important consideration.

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