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Re: What are these F-10 boot slides?

On Tue, Dec 16, 2008 at 11:24:46AM -0500, John Brier wrote:
> Timothy Murphy wrote:
>> I did actually read that, but didn't understand it.
>> In the same section, I found the sentence
>> "Currently, only Radeon R500 and higher users get kernel modesetting by 
>> default"
>> particularly puzzling.
>> Does this really mean that "plymouth" only works properly
>> with this particular kind of ATI card?
>> Strange ...
> I think you are correct. Since plymouth needs kernel mode setting to  
> work properly(without vesafb) it only works out of the box with those  
> devices. However plymouth can work with most graphics if you select  
> vesafb by using the vga= boot parameter. That's how I read that anyway.
> I can tell you though that vga=0x318 works here on a nvidia graphics  
> card and a 19" LCD with natie resolution 1280x1024.. also 0x31B is the  
> proper resolution

You can use 'vga=ask' to see which modes will work natively with your
particular video card.  For instance, on one of my machines it turns
out that 'vga=0x361' is the optimal mode.

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