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Re: How do I turn off KGet ?

On Tuesday 16 December 2008 18:23, Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Tuesday 16 December 2008 14:36:47 Linuxguy123 wrote:
> > Somehow I turned on KGet.  How do I turn it off ?
> Have you a panel icon?  Just right click on it, and Quit.
> Anne

Hi Anne.

Long time no speaks.

I always use Kget, as it has resume support. I have it enabled since FC2, and 
it's in KDE's panel, but doesn't open up on the desktop when logging into 
KDE, until Fedora 9, where it opens up on the desktop, each time I login.

Comparing the Kget configure for FC2, and F9, I see that F9 has "Show main 
window at startup" box checked, but on my FC2 install (where I'm posting 
from), that box is not checked. The same applies to all Fedora versions up to 
F8. Quite why anyone when logging in would want Kget's window displaying on 
the desktop as default is beyond me, as it's only a click on the panel icon 
to display Kget on the desktop.

Anyway, just unchecking the "Show main window at startup" box in Kget's 
configure has stopped Kget's main window being displayed on F9's desktop, 
each time I bootup.

A bit of added info for any one interested. Firefox's downloader doesn't 
appear to have resume support, so installing the "Flashgot" extension fixes 
that, as it gives you the option to use Kget for downloads.

Now I don't particularly like Flashgot, as it seems to have updates every 5 
mins, and also insists on opening a webpage to their site, after updating 
flashgot. I've got used to just clicking on the "skip" button now, whenever I 
see new updates for the Flashgot extension.

All the best.


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