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Re: How do I turn off KGet ?

On Tuesday 16 December 2008 18:52:00 Nigel Henry wrote:
> Quite why anyone when logging in would want Kget's window displaying on
> the desktop as default is beyond me, as it's only a click on the panel icon
> to display Kget on the desktop.
> Anyway, just unchecking the "Show main window at startup" box in Kget's
> configure has stopped Kget's main window being displayed on F9's desktop,
> each time I bootup.

Yes, KGet's resume is very useful.  However, it just suited my workflow to 
call it when I want it, rather than let it take up panel and desktop space 
when I didn't need it.

I'm not certain what the original poster wanted - it may be that your 
description of getting rid of the main window is exactly what he was looking 
for :-)


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