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Re: Apt-get really screwed up on F9

Nigel Henry wrote:
[root localhost djmons]# apt-get update
Hit http://rpm.livna.org 9/i386/ filelists.sqlite
apt-get: rpm/rpmindexfile.cc:645: std::string rpmRepomdIndex::IndexURI(std::string) const: Assertion `Res.size() > 0' failed.
I've had to do a yum update to update F9, which went ok, but what the hell has gone wrong with apt, and apt-get?

It's hard to say from the output, but it could be that Livna's repo is broken
in some way.

As a side issue rpmfusion has just come on the scene, and where I could you apt with livna, and freshrpm's, but rpmfusion has no support for users of apt, but only Yum.

As far as I know, both yum and apt use the same "repomd" format.  The only
thing that should be standing in your way is that the "release" packages don't
have apt repository files.  If you manually add the repositories using the
information provided for yum, apt should work.

Fedora users ignore this post please. This is a complaint to the Fedora developers, who are living in their own little world. I thought that Linux was about choices, but it appears that Fedora devs have decided that Yum is the way to go, and Apt can go down the can, and be no longer supported.

From what you've provided us, it looks like your problem has nothing to do
with the Fedora developers.  RPMFusion's maintainers are an entirely separate

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