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Re: Evolution with mapi plugin?

On Wed, 2008-12-17 at 08:36 +1930, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 16, 2008 at 10:10 PM, Tim <ignored_mailbox yahoo com au> wrote:
> > On Mon, 2008-12-15 at 09:01 -0700, Christopher A. Williams wrote:
> >> If Evolution is so philosophically against HTML formatted messages,
> >> why do they then care to be able to render messages sent in this
> >> format?
> >
> > When did it stop having this usually-a-nuisance ability?  I've been able
> > to compose messages in HTML using Evolution for as long as I can
> > remember.  Granted that the features of HTML it supports are rather
> > basic, but then so are many of the mail clients that can read HTML mail.
> It hasn't changed. Apparently some people either think it should be
> more complete, or they haven't looked for it carefully enough.

Indeed it hasn't changed. And apparently, neither has the attitudes of
the "why do I need to send HTML messages" crowd.

Reminds me of the folks who fail to understand why VI shouldn't be the
only word processor (and I do not mean text editor) anyone would ever
need, or like the instructor I ran into on a Solaris based network
monitoring product who ranted for an hour as to why the only shell you
should ever use was the korn shell (because it was theoretically faster
by a few CPU cycles than everything else).

Basic is a good assessment of the Evo HTML composer. No control of
fonts, and poor support and translation for even basic HTML tasks like
ordered lists (they show up as an unordered list where the number "1" is
the bullet).

So yes - The Evo HTML composer absolutely should be "more complete". In
its current state, it is absolutely among the worst of those available
in Linux based e-mail clients. But I suppose if you don't care what font
gets selected for you, only use bold and italic from time to time, and
like big, round circles for unordered lists (or 1's for ordered lists),
I guess it would be OK or even pretty good...

"Only two things are infinite,
the universe and human stupidity,
and I'm not sure about the former."

-- Albert Einstein

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