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RPM Fusion needs help/RPM Fusion only is as good as its contributors make it (was: Re: Apt-get really screwed up on F9)

On 17.12.2008 00:55, Kam Leo wrote:
On Tue, Dec 16, 2008 at 2:14 PM, Nigel Henry
<cave dnb2m97pp aliceadsl fr> wrote:

> (Note: My only complaint
regarding RPMFusion is that the developers have yum blnders on when
they created their install rpm. They negilected to provide for smart
and apt.)

RPM Fusion is a community project open to everyone. Hence if you want that project to do something you can either

(1) complain and hope that the right people hear it and do something do fix it (which often, but not always works and sometimes takes a long time until you get the outcome)

(2) do it yourself/help other with it

For smart complaining and waiting might be enough, because people work on is; but if you help it might get realized faster:

Regarding apt: I guess none of the current RPM Fusion contributers use it, hence nobody worked on that. Are you interested? Then tell us what we need to do (or even better: provide patches) and help testing the outcome.

Yes, I'm well aware that this mail sounds like "help or shut up" -- but it's really not meant like one. You are free to complain as much as you want and criticism is good (¹). Hence I don't want to stop or discourage you with this mail. I just want people to understand how things work -- e.g. it's basically "Only things that somebody is interested in get realized in community project; nearly nobody wants to do the boring things or things that are only useful for other people". This for apt afaics is the case: None of the RPM Fusion developers use it afaics, otherwise one would likely have worked on it. It's similar in many other areas of the project. There is a lot of room to improve the graphics drivers for example. And there are many "autoconfigure my Fedora for RPM Fusion, Livna, Flash, ..." apps out there -- it would be of benefit for everyone if one of the good ones gets into RPM Fusion as is used there by default.


(¹) there are a lot of things that could be better; but current RPM Fusion developers invest quite a lot of hours of work already and try their best; improving it requires more or more active people afaics, which are not easy to find

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