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Re: F10, VMware Server 2.0, and selinux

On Wed, 2008-12-17 at 12:39 +0800, Ed Greshko wrote:
> Gilboa Davara wrote:
> >
> > Sight.
> > The OP talked about reporting SELinux issues w/ VMWare to bugzilla.redhat.com.
> > This constitute spending Fedora resources (read: Fedora's SELinux
> > maintainer's time) on supporting VMWare's decision.
> >
> >   
> Only *if* the developer chooses to do the work.  Nothing suggests that
> the person needs to or is compelled to do so.  You are reaching.  
> FWIW, the latest Version: 2.0 | 2008/10/29 | Build: 122956.  If memory
> serves me, F10 was released mid-November.  So, even if VMWare did
> support Fedora it would be unreasonable to expect the current release of
> Workstation to support F10.

Actually, I'm the OP. I talked about selinux issues with VMware and
asked if anyone knew if a fix was being worked on. I did _not_ mention
this in relation to Bugzilla.

Oh, and the latest builds of Workstation 6.5 work on F10 just fine. The
latest build of VMware Server 2.0 (referenced above) also works just
fine on F9, but only if you disable selinux. That was part of the basis
of my original question.

I'll be working on loading up VMware Server 2.0 on an F10 server this
weekend and will report back what I find.



"Only two things are infinite,
the universe and human stupidity,
and I'm not sure about the former."

-- Albert Einstein

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