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Re: Setting up Linksys WRT54GL for Remote Server

This will not work unless your two FC8 servers have routeable IP addresses. Generally people with routers like the WRT54GL have only one IP address assigned by their ISP and are using NAT to get access to the internet for several machines. You will not be able to connect to both machines FROM the internet if that is the case. The router can route traffic for the single IP address to ONE of those machine. Once you can SSH into that machine, you can then SSH from there to the other one.

I suppose you might run SSHD on a different port on one of those machines, but that doesn't seem worth the effort, really.

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You just need configure Linksys in Security tab, then forward any connection
via port 22 to the two boxes.

On Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 7:49 PM, Jim<mickeyboa sbcglobal net>  wrote:

>  Two boxes FC8-i386 behind a Linksys WRT54GL  router, both boxes have a
>    static IP.
>  How do I set the router to allow me to connect by port 22 ssh to both
>  boxes.
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