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Re: gnome sound recorder

> I seem to be talking to myself, but maybe someone will join in...
> The problem has come back, this time spontaneously with no help from
> Audacity and with the webcam disconnected. I recorded one file
> successfully, saved it, played back with Totem to check and then tried
> to make another recording. That one stuttered on playback.
> Two questions: 1) what is going wrong and 2) how to fix it?
> Any advice will be much appreciated.

A little more information wouldn't hurt. Which version of Audacity?
version of sound recorder?
Have you looked for bugs filed against either program? what sound
device are you using?
what is the big picture of the hardware your using? i.e. lspci -v  Are
there any driver issues?

Just saying it doesn't work doesn't give much to go on, are you up to
date with patches and such?
when was the last update? Perhaps its a shared library that is causing
the issue?
I haven't gotten around to installing f10 yet but if can answer some
of these questions then perhaps someone might be able to give you
something better than a guess. Just a thought.


"Any fool can know. The point is to understand."

-Albert Einstein

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