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Re: Someone has been configure America Armys on Fedora 10

Angel Natan Villegas Vicencio a écrit :
> The version that i am using is next armyops250linux.run, and the last
> time to try to install, the time of installation was many. And i have
> to cancel but i dont know if somebody was installed.
what exactly did you do and what did go wrong. Unless you tell us what
exactly is not working, there is not much we can do to help you

> Thanks and sorry for my english
don't be, most people in this world are not native english speakers :)

on my machine here the steps have been
1. download the installation file
2. change permission to make it executable chmod +x armyops250linux.run
3. su to root or use sudo if your user has the appropriate privileges
4. run the installer like so ./armyops250linux.run
5. once the installation is complete, try and run the game

I then get  error messages : error while loading shared libraries
<insert lib here>
using yum to install the missing compat libs does the trick so far, am
not through all the errors but it's progressing

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