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Re: Apt-get really screwed up on F9

First, an apology to the list for ranting, and using bad language. I was 
feeling somewhat frustrated. Comments below to yesterday's apt-get problem.

On Wednesday 17 December 2008 02:38, Gordon Messmer wrote:
> Nigel Henry wrote:
> > [root localhost djmons]# apt-get update
> ...
> > Hit http://rpm.livna.org 9/i386/ filelists.sqlite
> > apt-get: rpm/rpmindexfile.cc:645: std::string
> > rpmRepomdIndex::IndexURI(std::string) const: Assertion `Res.size() > 0'
> > failed.
> ...
> > I've had to do a yum update to update F9, which went ok, but what the
> > hell has gone wrong with apt, and apt-get?
> It's hard to say from the output, but it could be that Livna's repo is
> broken in some way.

This evening I booted up F9 again, opened up /etc/apt/sources.list, and 
comented out all uncommented lines. These were the ones for Livna, Fedora 
(everything), and Fedora (newkey-updates). the only uncommented was the Adobe 
one for flash.

Then ran apt-get update, and no problems with the adobe repo, then uncommented 
Fedora (Everything). Another apt-get update (which took more than an hour, as 
I'm on dialup), but again no problems. Now I uncomment the updates newkey 
repo, and run apt-get update again. Still no problems. So now I uncomment the 
Livna repo, run apt-get update once more, and still no problems.

This is all a bit weird. Yesterday apt had gone all pear shaped, but today 
it's working as it allways has done, with no problems. Synaptic doesn't 
crash, as it did yesterday. Synaptic still has the problem of not being able 
to install packages on F9. Some bug to do with MD5 missmatches, but that's 
another problem, not yet resolved on F9.
> > As a side issue rpmfusion has just come on the scene, and where I could
> > you apt with livna, and freshrpm's, but rpmfusion has no support for
> > users of apt, but only Yum.
> As far as I know, both yum and apt use the same "repomd" format.  The only
> thing that should be standing in your way is that the "release" packages
> don't have apt repository files.  If you manually add the repositories
> using the information provided for yum, apt should work.

I did try creating stanzas for the rpmfusion repo's, but they only partially 
worked. Apt didn't complain about malformed lines for the free, and nonfree 
lines, but only a few bytes were downloaded. I then added lines for the 
updates for free, and nonfree packages, then ran apt-get update, and got a 
lot of output regarding parsing problems.

I'll have to ask on the rpmfusion list, and have already seen some replies in 
my inbox from others about this problem.


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