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Re: mount point for new partition

Peter Lesterhuis wrote:
> Still trying to install F10 on a new box with vista pre-installed.
> Initially installation stopped after the message that anaconda was
> running. I found out that when I boot with the kernel option "text" I
> can get further. I haven't figured out why the graphical mode doen't
> work, maybe there is an issue  with the videocard (NVIDIA).
> I have come to the point where I must choose the partition to install
> F10 on. I have created a new primary partition on the SATA hard drive,
> which I can recognize by its size, so the choice is easy. Now I have to
> give it a mount point. Here  would like some advice. Should I name it
> "/"? I need some guidance here, because I never had to do these manual
> steps before. Usually the installer can find the newly created partition.
> I appreciate your help.
> Peter
If you are just using 1 partition, it has to be mounted on /.


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