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RE: fedora 10 on ppc xserve

Thanks for that Craig,

  I can get to the vrtual console but...

If I type

   I get can't open /dev/cdrom

   eject -r

   I get invalid option

   eject /dev/hda

   I get Input/Output error

Do I have to unmount it or something ?


Dave Houghton
Systems Manager
Faculty of Humanities
Clephan Building, Room 00.07a
De Montfort University
Leicester LE1 9BH

Tel. No : +116 207 8260
Email   : djh dmu ac uk

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Subject: Re: fedora 10 on ppc xserve
On Thu, 2008-12-18 at 13:03 +0000, David Houghton wrote:
> Hello
>  I am trying to install fed 10 on an old ppc g4 xserve which
> only has cd support. After the install has finished with disk 1 it
> asks
> me to insert disk 2 (which i have in my hand) but it does not spit
> out disk 1. As it is an xserve there is no eject button. How do
> I eject a cd ?
> Thanks in advance.
you should be able to get into virtual console <Control><Alt><F2> and
issue an eject command...the problem is knowing which device which might
be gathered from std-out or std-error windows <Control><Alt><F3> or <F4>
and I think you get back to standard display with <Control><Alt><F7>

something like this might work...

eject -r

eject /dev/hda


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