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Gateway MX6421, radeon xpress 200m, crashes....


My Fedora 10, Gateway MX6421 laptop with Radeon Xpress 200M video is
no longer usable under Linux.  The wife is less than happy and is
using XP until I can get Linux stable on this machine.  Until last
month, this laptop ran for several years with Fedora 6 and was very
stable (up nearly 100% on the coffee table as the family Internet
access box).

The machine has the latest Fedora updates as of last night.  The
kernel mode line does not include a vga= item and I added nomodeset to
it (this helps but does not fix the machine).

When using Firefox, after a few minutes the machine becomes
unresponsive.  The mouse still moves but I can't click on anything.  I
can't kill the X server (ctrl-alt-backspace) nor access other
multiscreens (ctrl-alt-F1, F2, etc.).  Even the caps lock fails to
light so the keyboard driver may be toast.  I have yet to try to ssh
to the box but basically it is toast, requiring a hard reboot.

I have added my comments onto Bugzilla (bug 467821).

I'm stuck -- any help would be appreciated.
Wade Hampton

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