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Re: More bad weather

On Thursday 18 December 2008, Matthew Saltzman wrote:
>Suddenly (a couple of days ago), the GNOME weather applet and the
>weather icon in the clock applet have stopped connecting to whatever the
>server is.  The weather applet just shows '--' and the clock shows empty
>space where the weather info belongs.  The weather applet detail window
>just shows blanks.  The problem is not dependent on the choice of
>location.  Restarting doesn't help.
>I'm not sure I can trace the beginning of the problem to a particular
>update--not an obvious one, in any case.  There was a glibc update on
>Monday (along with some others that don't look like they are likely to
>be relevant) that might have been about when it started.
>Anybody else seeing this in F10?  Any idea how to troubleshoot?

I don't think keeping that server running at the local NWS places has the 
highest priority, Matthew.  My service (as the weather plugin for gkrellm 
see's it, I'm not using gnome) from KCKB is intermittent, down for 2-3 days 
at a time, working ATM.  Presently 37F, 93% humidity.  Overcast, wind N 3, 
chill 35F dew point 30F I guess, the shorthand gkrellm uses (or the NWS) 
leaves a bit to be desired.

You might try that plugin for gkrellm as you can assign it to about any NWS 
facility with the web based station ID function.  If your local one is down, 
try another to test your install.  If another one works, then its probably 
just the local one not even knowing its crashed.

>                Matthew Saltzman
>Clemson University Math Sciences
>mjs AT clemson DOT edu

Cheers, Gene
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 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
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