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Re: Fresh install of Fedora 10 on an IBM 9123-710 & having problems with X11

Morris.Marshael wrote:
This box does not have a video card and its monitor is a dump terminal connected through a hmc.

Can I configure X11 server to run so that my PC can access with exceed?

If you absolutely, positively need XDMCP, I believe there's a way to do this with no physical X server, but I've never tried, because VNC or SSH tunneling are much better ways of doing this. Last I checked (Red Hat 9) you could simply invoke startkde from your SSH session (with X tunneling enabled) and get a rootless KDE desktop on your Windows desktop running Exceed, though you'll want to disable all the graphical bells and whistles if you have a less-than-blazing-fast network connection to the server.

The default VNC service configuration gives you a minimal twm setup that performs very well over slow network connections, but you can change it if you like having a more featureful window manager or desktop environment.

-- Chris

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