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Re: Fresh install of Fedora 10 on an IBM 9123-710 & having problems with X11

Morris.Marshael wrote:

This box does not have a video card and its monitor is a dump terminal connected through a hmc.

Can I configure X11 server to run so that my PC can access with exceed?

I have already run the yum update since the install to get the latest and greatest.

If your have network configured then it's possible to get the desktop to show trough x in other machine. It can be tricky and haven't done it for a while. Usually it's more easy just take ssh connection and run the invidual apps from the remote machine trough x-forwarding. Also it's not going to be as fast as native and some latest desktop gimmics probably won't work.

Here is some info on how to get gnome or other window manager running over ssh. It seems littlebit old, but could be useful.


Also you may need to make x in linux box to work trough network sockets. I remember reading earlier on the list that it's disabled in F10 by default. So if you just need to run some configuration programs best way is to use x-forwarding trough ssh with exceed.


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