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Re: Lets test the h@!! out of KDE4.2 before it releases...

Linuxguy123 wrote:
Everyone wants a stable, bug free KDE4.2 release, ASAP, right ?  (Its
scheduled to be released on January 20th.)

Rex has created an F10 KDE4.2 beta iso here:

Its very easy to make a bootable USB drive from this image using the
following command:

livecd-iso-to-disk --reset-mbr --noverify --overlay-size-mb 100
--home-size-mb 150 --unencrypted-home
--delete-home /home/xxx/Download/f10-kde-4.1.85-2/livecd-f10-kde-4.1.85-200812161507.iso /dev/sdc1

I have been reporting bugs to the Fedora kde list at
fedora-kde lists fedoraproject org .
You can subscribe to it here:

We can find bugs in KDE4.2 now or we can find them after its
Myself, I download the isos when they are released and write it to my
USB key while I work on something else.

When I have to do some browsing or I have some spare time, I boot the
USB image and do a bit of testing.
To report bugs, I access gmail with konqueror during the session.
(Konqueror now works with gmail !)
If we all spent a few hours playing around with KDE 4.2 before it
releases, it would dramatically increase the amount of real world user
testing it receives.  I'm sure this would increase its stability when
its released.

I disagree. This may work for KDE developers, who do a lot of playing around with KDE, but I hardly ever find new bugs in something I don't know intimately just by playing around with it. When I find new bugs in things without deliberately poking at its guts, it's invariably in the course of using it normally.

If you want to get a lot of testing for KDE 4.2, get an F10 build into a yum repo, so I can use it as part of my normal work and play. Ideally, get it into rawhide or even updates-testing for broad exposure. If it's more practical in the short term to put it in its own repo, then do that, and link us to a kde-42.repo or a kde-42-release.rpm. Then we can use it all day, which beats playing with a liveCD by a long shot.

-- Chris

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