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Re: Call for vote: Nautilus use Browser view for fedora 11

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Mark wrote:

The question is simple:
Lets use the browser view of nautilus in the next fedora release.

I hope this can be done for Fedora 11 (it's just changing one gconf value).
All vote plz

What's next? Voting on ssh configuration options?

Mindless +1 and =1 will yield to nothing but number pushing and not a serious debate.

I vote that we don't vote on configuration changes and let the upstream developers and package maintainers decide. Voting on every configuration change, we would obvious not be getting anywhere. The decision will be an upstream change or in other circumstances, the maintainer of the software in question. If the maintainers want to do a survey, they can on their own or ask for help if needed.

Once you use a package a lot on a number of platforms, you develop your own 'profile' that you change to as your 'second step' (after install/ID create).

I remember with IKEv2 in the IETF the debates to my cipher-suites to ensure that only 'safe' combinations were used (matching security strengths). The debates amoung a few hundred security wizards and a bunch of vendors was mind-numbing.

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