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Re: firefox and 'call home' addons

g wrote:
> i do not have a 'greasemonkey' addon, but i do have 'noscript' and it is when
> 'noscript' is active that i get drastic slow down.

The real Greasemonkey (https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/748) is
a reliable and useful piece of software.  A malware program just stole
the name, as is common.

> i have made no downloads, or logged any sites, other than what i believe to
> be safe and always log on with 'noscript' set to block java.

The real NoScript (http://noscript.net/) is also useful, though it will
cause a small slowdown, because it intercepts all script loads.

> what would be nice is to know just what script is so that i could check to
> see if it might be loaded.
> 'noscript' caused no trouble until 2 or 3 upgrades back and then i started
> seeing slow down.

That's possible, since it keeps getting more and more complex (e.g.
anti-cross site scripting protection) though I have the latest version,
and performance is still good.


Matt Flaschen

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