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Re: firefox and 'call home' addons

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Matthew Flaschen wrote:

> The real Greasemonkey (https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/748) is
> a reliable and useful piece of software.  A malware program just stole
> the name, as is common.

this i am aware of, makes it easy for 'sneakers' to hide their crap.

> The real NoScript (http://noscript.net/) is also useful, though it will

true, but problem i ran into was a drastic and sudden change. i was hoping
that i would correct itself with upgrades, but no such luck.

> That's possible, since it keeps getting more and more complex (e.g.

i now have latest, and there is only a slight slow down as i did when
first installed.

i use intellicast every day to check weather and that is where i first
noticed slow down. it cut back on screen refresh by a drastic amount.

main reason i still have suspicions of something getting into noscript is
that when i first started looking for problem, i did start with renaming
.mozilla and rebuilding extensions. ie, possible that there is something
new on order of 'bad' greasemonkey.

to save from go thru all of reconfiguring new addons, i tried pulling old
ones back in and every time i tried working with noscript, i hit problems.
like there was something in it's scripts.

i am now building back other addons with fresh scripts to see if i get same
slow down.

several sites where taking anywhere from 10 to 20 and even a full 30
seconds to load. a couple even timed out before they ever started loading
any of screen. several times i had to <ctrl+alt+bs> kde to shut it down
because kill, <ctrl+alt+esc>, would not activate to kill firefox.

there is something bad wrong somewhere, but i have not found just what and
is reason for subscribing with noscript forum.

thanks for your input.

peace out.



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