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Re: Modify rules for Firewall

Jim wrote:
I had to change the SSHD Port from 22 to 2995 and since the Firewall is looking at 22 where do I make changes to 2995. Is it in /etc/sysconfig/iptables
Yes, but if you are running gnome, use the System > Administration > firewall to get to you what is basically system-config-firewall. The select to add other and allow whatever port you assign SSHD to.

Of course you change the SSHD port in /etc/ssh/sshd_config. The you can simply 'service sshd restart' to get it to the new port.

On the client side you either include -p n, or there is some file to change that makes ssh default to the port in question (don't have my docs handy).

I ALWAYs change my SSHD port. I think that is the first thing I do with an new install.

We had a 'discussion' about this on the Shorewall list a while back. The advantage of changing the port or throttling connect attempts. I think the result was 'do both'.

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